Darth Vader

I have finally finished the Darth Vader blanket.  I have been working on this since just before Christmas, but not very steadily.   I always love finishing a project so I can start a new one.  Now I can focus on the hats for charity.



Yarn and Charity

I was watching the news the other day, and I saw a story about a local clinic in need of knit hats for cancer patients.  I can make knit hats.  I have a knitting loom, and some pretty decent crochet skills.  So, I have decided to use my extra yarn (and I have a lot of extras), and make some hats for charity.

This is not the first time I have made hats for charity.  A few years ago I made 100 hats with my knitting loom and donated them to my church.  They then gave the hats to a local shelter.  I like making hats, and especially enjoy knowing that they will be made for someone in need.

My mission now is to first finish the blanket I am currently working on and then start on some hats.  I have even recruited my daughter to help.  She will loom knit while I crochet.  I will let you know how many hats I can get from all my extra yarn.

Over the Break

I work at a high school, so this week was my first week back from a 2 week break.   My plan was to finish several projects over the break.  The reality. ..


I managed to make a baby mermaid tail.   A project that can usually be done in less than a day.  I feel slightly unproductive. My excuse: I was moving, and after packing, cleaning and unpacking, I just wanted to sit on my rump and do nothing.  I did accomplish getting settled in and I even finished a book that I had been reading since the summer.
Here’s to a more productive year!


I am finally moved in to the new house.  We have been waiting for this day for quite some time now.  We closed on the property in February and didn’t break ground until July.  We started moving in last week, and I now have everything in order. I am  especially excited about my new yarn storage.


It is going to be a great new year.

My Countdown to Christmas 8


What a great way to give gift cards.   As my nieces and nephews get older it is getting harder to figure out what to get them for Christmas. I have resorted to gift cards, and I think this little card holder would help to make them more special.

Pattern available on Pinterest.

Sorry I haven’t been providing the links. I have been writing my posts on my phone this week because of traveling.